Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aunque la plantación de guayaba capaz

Aunque la plantación de guayaba capaz de crecer y producir sin la necesidad de la nota del estado del suelo y el clima, que afectan, pero sería mejor si se considera su existencia, así notado que las plantas recompensar resultados satisfactorios.

1) Espacio y Costura

Debido a las condiciones del suelo tienen sueltos y fáciles otras plantas volverán a crecer, especialmente malezas (plagas de plantas), tales como hierbas y deben ser eliminados hasta 1,5-2 m de radio alrededor de la planta de rambután. Si las plántulas crecen bien enferma por hacer con el reemplazo de las reservas de semillas. Y si las plantas crecen demasiado lejos es necesario replantar y viceversa si el crecimiento es muy estrecha separación.

2) Weeding

Durante las 2 semanas después de las plántulas Badak88 Agen Judi Online Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014 que se originaron en el injerto / injerto crecido en la necesidad de tierras deshierbe se hace sólo en un viejo tronco extremidades (color marrón) con ramas jóvenes (de color verde) y si la fruta es demasiado, hay brotes que pueden ser reducidos en la misma rama, con una reducción vástagos enfermos requieren resultaría en trozos grandes y se convierten en un sabor dulce. Semillas no específicos guayaba fruta limitando ramificación después de un máximo de 3 piezas esquejes largos 30-50 cm hecho, y después de crecer ramas terciarias inmediatamente dobladas a una dirección horizontal, con el fin de estimular el brote Para flores y frutos que crecerán.

3) Pembubunan

Friday, August 15, 2014

Keskityttiin selostuksessa on lisätä tuotantoa ja tuottavuutta

Keskityttiin selostuksessa on lisätä tuotantoa ja tuottavuutta viljelyalasta potentiaaliaan sekä vähentää köyhyyttä ympäri yhteisöä, Pearl Oyster vesiviljely lastentarha West Lombok voidaan kehittää. Lisäksi West Lombok on useita suuryrityksiä harjoittaa viljelyä helmi ostereita kaupan tuotteita, jotka sujuvasti ja jatkuvasti. Toimintaan osteri päiväkoti liiketoiminnan tarpeiden arviointi tai analyysi vaivaa. Liiketoiminnan analysointi on taloudellinen laskelma sen määrittämiseksi, missä määrin menestystä liiketoimintaa. Pearl Oyster lastentarha liiketoiminnan analysointi alkaa laskemalla kustannusten suorittamiseen tarvitaan liiketoiminnan ja saatua hyötyä tällaista liiketoimintaa. Kustannukset lasketaan:

Niukkuus helmi osteri ja helmi markkinoiden kysyntä kasvaa edelleen on Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 pakottanut yritykset harjoittavat viljely osteri helmi osteri tarjonta vaatii paljon mahdollisille toiminta (injektio), markkinoiden kysyntä koko vaihtelee yleensä ostereita yli 6 cm, jossa hinta saavutti USD, .2.000, - / cm. Edessä niin tilanne on tarpeen järjestää toimintaa, jotka johtavat toimintaan tuottaville osteri helmi koko 6-7 cm.

West Lombok alueella ja alueen 2215,11 km2 maa-alue koostuu alueen 862,62 km2 ja vesialueen 888,96 km2, joka ympäröi rantaviivaa 120 km ja pienet saaret (Gili) peräti 23 kappaletta ja poltettu (taket) peräti 62 kappaletta, joka ulottuu pohjoisesta etelään valtavat mahdollisuudet kehittämiseen noin 2900 hehtaaria meren hyödykkeitä.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Currently swamp land more outstanding

Currently swamp land more outstanding in the commercial markets than water spinach. Kale consumed more water and grown by subsistence communities. Kale cultivation land is very easy, because it is cyclical harvest vegetables quickly and relatively resistant to pests. Therefore, the price is relatively cheap compared to the market kale other vegetables. To increase the added value, we can do organically cultivated land kale. Terrestrial organic kale price is relatively higher.

Kale cultivation of land can be done either in lowland and highland. To be able to grow and develop properly, kale cultivation of land and the rainfall should get enough sunlight. Land kale can be propagated by seed and cuttings. But for kale land, the farmers used to do with the seeds.
Preparation of seed for cultivation of kale

To get a good crop, of course, should be the selection of good seed anyway. There are a number of improved seed varieties of kale known as Silk and Bangkok. Silk seed is seed of kale Hawaii introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture in the 1980s. But the widely circulated today is Bisi and output kale and watercress Red Arrows as Sidoarjo in East Java. Somewhat difficult to trace kale varieties in the market.

Good land kale seed is seed viability more than 95 percent and growing up at least until the age of 8 weeks. Because of the growing spread kangung Kakakdewa.com Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya land not so attractive market. Try not to use seed that has been stored for more than one year. Because productivity will decline.
Land preparation and fertilization basic

At swamp land cultivation by hoeing the soil must be processed in order to loose and make the beds with a width of 1 meter and adjust the length of the plot. The distance between beds 30-40 cm, its function as drainage channels and roads for maintenance and harvesting.

For the cultivation of organic watercress, prepare basic fertilizer from organic fertilizer, can be used manure or mature compost. Manure is more practical because it does not need to prepare intensively, simply pin it to dry before use. While preparing compost relatively longer. If using manure, chicken manure select better than goat or cow dung. Because the chicken manure decompose faster, so it matches the cyclical harvest kale plants quickly. Sprinkle the fertilizer on the beds, approximately 10 tons per hectare. Then let stand for 2-3 days.

When planting cotton held

When planting cotton held in 2 seasons, the Rainy Season Plant (TMP) and the Drought Planting (TMK) based on the estimated season made by the Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics (BMG) and or the Top Investment Slow Sunday (MPL) set Balittas.
TMP cotton planting time in trying to time the harvest fell in early dry season, while the time of planting to harvest cultivated TMK does not fall at the beginning of the rainy season.
In tumpanggilir corn-cotton, cotton planting time in the account so that the cotton plant under corn crop is less than 1 month
In tumpanggilir nuts with cotton, a cotton plant after the beans are harvested.

Timing of Planting and Giving Water
When planting in dry land / rain fed, calculated such that the cotton crop during growth (+3 ½ months) get enough rain or water and the fall harvest in the dry season. For cropping areas rainfall is more than 110 days, the time of planting is at the beginning of the rainy season.
Determination of the recommended planting time on weather forecasts / season by BMG also pay attention to experiences / traditions of each region
When planting cotton (TMK) in paddy fields implemented, after the rice harvest rendengan, where demand / shortage of water during periods of growth / development of plants overcome by pumping.
To cotton on irrigated land, where cotton is grown after rice, at least three times in need of irrigation, namely:
At the start of the formation of flower Taruhan Bola buds (age 30-35 days)
At the start of flowering (age 50-55 days)
At the peak of flowering and fruit development (age 80-90 days)
Give irrigated land to reach field capacity or cotton root zone as deep as 30-60 cm gets enough water.
Sub Class: Dicotyledonae
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: GossypiumPada certain seasons cotton crop is not like a state that is too wet or too dry. During vegetative growth requires a little rain. It is better if the rain occurs at night and in the daytime sunlight completely. At the time of ripe fruit (fissure), needs to be dry state. Sudden change from drought to heavy rain can cause tree rebahnya.
Cotton which was less than 1 (one) year requires an average rainfall 1500-1800 mm / year. Cotton crop should be planted on flat ground, and fit at an altitude of 10-150 meters above sea level. During the growth period should be the same temperature. At temperatures below 15oC slow growth. Optimal growth temperature requires average - average 25 - 28oC with humidity of 70%.
Solar radiation is also an important aspect for the growth / development of the cotton plant, young plant up to full flowering. Lack of exposure to sunlight will slow down his ripe fruit and not fruit synchronously. In the right season where sunlight is eligible to grow cotton, fruit maturity can reach 70-90%. Drought land with moderate winters, somewhat detrimental to plant cotton. But the winds that bring moist air, good for growing cotton.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

enlargement is done after 1 month-old seed

at the time of enlargement will require a lot of sunlight, the water hyacinth reduced
food is still a hair worms, given the morning ... if there is residual afternoon lifted
after 4 months of age the fish, then the fish is said to be prospective parent, male and female fish can be separated for at pijah at the age of 8 bullae

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Type-type-type ArwanaJenis Ornamental Fish Ornamental Fish Arowana - Arowana Fish Latin name is Scleopages sp. why called ik ... Read More ... Natural food or live food such as blood worms, worm land, daphnia, tubifex worms fit given in koi seed (up to a weight of 50 g / fish) because it is more easily digested by the seed according to the conditions of the digestive system, but it can also eat phytoplankton koi in the pond.
The amount of feed given based on the number of fish (weight biomass) in the pool with the needs of the range of 3-5% per day, with a frequency of 2-3 times per day it is well adapted to the condition of the fish and maintenance of water media. According to the research experience and many - years, ditemukanlan materials - an active ingredient that can be added to make the colors more brilliant koi. Koi are kept in a pool Lumpur turned out to have a more brilliant color quality compared to that maintained in the pool wall. It turns out that many loi fish eat algae that are grown in the Mud. The algae are eaten koi contain many carotenoids. So if you want to add more brilliant color fish feed "krill", peppers and marigold leaves, you can mix it in his food. Many food sources of carotenoids has been in the form of extract so easily mixed with pellets or bread.

In addition to the popular, goldfish easy to be cultivated and have high economic value. Culturing goldfish, do not require large tracts of land and a short reproductive cycle of the price is quite high. Goldfish popular with the public because of the beauty of color, movement, and unique body shape. With a relatively affordable price, goldfish have a market and consumer level stable. Commodities freshwater is much in demand by ornamental konsumenikan to be maintained in the aquarium. Goldfish have better endurance dibandingkandengan types of freshwater fish other. However, the availability of seed is still an obstacle in the cultivation of goldfish. In addition, the application of minimal cultivation techniques still dominated by farmers goldfish. So the seed production goldfish tiudak available on an ongoing basis
Agen Judi Bola and have not been able to meet the level of market demand continues to increase every year.
Goldfish is a type of ornamental fish that live in fresh water, which comes from the land of China. Fish has mas chef has many types and a wide range of body shapes and warnaya, among others: